The solution above guarantees that the problem is solved. In most cases, such problems are caused by sending a message in plain-text format. Sounds like someone might have edited the signature in Word and then pasted it back to the signature editor. Could you share the HTML code of your signature? But even if you have disabled the’Do not download images automatically’ option, the email will not display the images. To get rid of them, you can, for example, paste a signature with the correct formatting from MS Word (or any other word processor). hi, we are having an issue with user using owa outlook client, after some period of time, logo image in their signature gets replaced with an image containing text cid:image1.png@some random text. The logo is then removed from my original e-mail signature in the reply and has the red X box with “the linked imaged cannot be displayed”. So somehow my signature is getting overwritten by content of whatever previous message I had displayed prior to creating a new message. Any help would be much appreciated, cheers . In Outlook 2007, Word as Editor was made the default editor when composing emails, and that lead to changes to existing email signature designs. Apart from that, it gives you more editing options than the built-in OWA or Outlook email signature editor. Are there any non-standard elements embedded in the signature? I have copied and pasted the text I want from a google doc because I wanted more colour options. In my line of work, I occasionally send out tables that my clients then have to fill out. The file may have been moved, renamed, or deleted. some really choice content on this site, saved to favorites. Hi Jim, To delete all email signature content, you can click inside the signature editor box, select everything using the ctrl+a key combination and press delete. In Outlook 2003, for example, both linked images and embedded images would display, but sometimes you would see a red x with little explanation. In … If it is a global Office 365 email signature, go through the settings in Exchange Admin Center and make sure you append the signature, and not prepend it. How do I get my original signature settings to stick to my whole account and not just when I access it via the website. What is causing this? It reads When I reply to some email strings, there is one of my peers email addresses added to my signature. (I always use .htm.) This error is shown in the following figure. Verify that the link points to the correct file and location." You can convert the email to HTML format (Ribbon > Format text > HTML) and then add the signature manually (Ribbon > Insert > Signature) If this doesn’t help, there might be something wrong with the HTML code you are using, which causes Outlook not to parse the signature correctly. “The linked image cannot be displayed, the file may have been moved, renamed or deleted. It has nothing to do with Office 365 Administration, it is entirely dependent on Microsoft Window’s functionalities. This sounds like an Outlook issue where images are sent as attachments. Having an issue adding photo & logo to email signature (web outlook) the picture icon in setup is blocked/unclickable. If you look at the code which I have in the article, after reading the Signature file, it is important to replace the incomplete image file path with complete file path. Another issue that companies often face is that email signatures inserted on the server’s side are not visible in the sender’s Sent Items folder. There’s an awful lot of awful in his products that could be fixed without much effort. “The linked image cannot be displayed, the file may have been moved, renamed or deleted. Why is this happening? I am unable to edit the size of the logo (without the usual drag corners to resize) and unable to delete it either. Any advice? However, sometimes it might cause the signature to appear as just one line of text. Inline styling is all in place, the problem seems to be that any other styles set (in the head) or below the first body tag appear to be stripped out. However, when i put the same signature into the signature editor into the outlook application itself, it doesn’t. It can be even added automatically if such an option has been chosen. This is because OWA only supports Web Hosted Images. The file may have been moved, renamed, or deleted. Version 2005 (Build 12827.20336 Click-to-Run). I hope this makes sense and someone can help me. If I’m looking at a message, then choose to create a new message, a portion of that previous message “copies” and displays overtop of my signature (essentially replacing it). In Office 365, there are some situations in which your email signatures stop working. If you are using Outlook, you could also modify the default email template, here is a guide on how to do it: How to remove double spacing in messages sent from Outlook. And then you can insert your logo or images into signature with following steps: 1.In the Message window, click the Signature button in the Include group under Message tab. If you want to ensure your embedded images look correctly on the recipient’s side, you have to use a third-party solution like, Start from creating your email signature block in a word processor or. As the plain text format does not support embedding or viewing images, all images are automatically attached to the message.Automatic format change can happen either because of Outlook or Exchange Server settings: The list appears in the drop down, but when clicking on any of the Signatures, nothing appears. Hi Jake, I’d like to help you, but I need more information. Open this item to view pictures.” When I open the file, the message is no longer there and the jpg is visible. Mind to save the changes. (I mentioned the date because in October 2018 I went through hell right after an Office update.) Your email address will not be published. And, when you try to download the image you receive the following error: The linked image cannot be displayed. Hi Dan, Are you using “the new Outlook” experience, or the good old version of Outlook on the Web? However when the email is sent, the images on the received copy are not displayed. Hi Eric, Like mentioned in the article, disabling the option in the policy is not enough to delete the signature. 2. There were 2 questions. When using the desktop version of Outlook, you can change format under the Format text tab. Does it open normally in your browser. Please follow below steps to add an image with link in a signature in Outlook. Then under More Services – OneDrive, XBox, Skype, Apart from the way above, you can also get the Signature button in … If that’s the case, you probably shouldn’t use your own personal signature. For example: when I save it: name, title company, location, when an email sends: first name last name, title company, part of location part of location. Linked image cannot be displayed in Outlook Mail  Unfortunately, Exchange Online does not provide a way to overcome this problem natively.