... Download AppDynamics' application agent and machine agents containers from the official Docker Store. Here is an example of a minimalistic infraviz spec with the required parameters: Supported platforms: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google … Unique tags are assigned to every method call and every request header. 3. It simply states that no log4j 2 config can be found, which is expected because the Machine Agent is still using log4j 1. Extending Default Configuration ... OK appdynamics-machine-agent started 1/1 1G 1G Note the conf/logging … The Machine Agent deployment. Appdynamics operator can be used to enable server and network visibility with AppDynamics Machine agent. It uses the machine agent's Sigar library to retrieve the metrics, however these metrics (all or partial) can be overriden through scripting if required. AppDynamics architecture. Configure the File Watcher Extension by editing the config.yml & monitor.xml files in